Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of Foodie Friday 2013 {Foodie Friday)

There's a first time for everything and this is my first round up post! Today I'm highlighting my favorite 14 Foodie Friday recipes from 2013. These are my personal favorites based on taste (some are favorites based on the frequency that I am requested to make them. ;)

1. Soft Double Chocolate Cupcakes- my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe! These will be making an appearance at Caroline's birthday party in a couple weeks.

2. Browned Butter Banana Bundt- the best banana you ever had. Promise.

3. Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups-betcha can't eat just one.

4. Tilapia Piccata- because you can't have dessert all the time..

5. Manhattan Glazed Chicken- and because I really love chicken

6. Granola Cookie Wedges- because I feel less guilty about it when there is oatmeal involved

7. Perfect Brownie Bites--absolutely gluttonous! (is that a word) These will also be at Caroline's birthday party!

8. Blueberry Pie-the most requested thing in the family! I think I have made at least 5 of these pies this year! (The first one wasn't even until May!)

9. Queso Pasta Taco Bake- comfort food at it's finest- and a casserole my hubby will actually eat (and request)!

10. Pumpkin Bread-the most amazing pumpkin bread ever!

11. Skillet Baked Spaghetti- a favorite in this house!

12. Triple Chocolate Devil Drops- It's starting to be a problem that i didn't eat dinner tonight. My mouth is literally watering at the sight of these cookies!

13. Creamed Eggs on Toast-a long time family favorite. Great for breakfast or dinner! 

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