Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chris & Ariel's Cute as a Button Baby Shower {My Photography}

Last weekend I had the honor of helping with another Cute as a Button Baby Shower. Ariel is due in just a few short weeks with her first, a baby boy! I reused the Cute as a Button Shower stuff from Abbe’s shower this summer. The only person who was at both of those showers was me, so it worked well =)

Brownie Bites

A cool twist on a diaper cake--tigger on a motorcycle

Pretty Mama

Items on hand:Mason Jars: 12 @ $1 each= $12
Ribbon for Mason Jars: 2  @ $1 each =$2
Printables from Savory Sweet Designs: $12
Basket for silverware display =$1
Scrapbook paper for buttons from Hobby Lobby=$3.20
2- 5x7 photo frames from Target = $5.38
cupcake baking ingredients and supplies
Scrapbook paper for centerpieces

Purchased items:
Cupcake liners=$1.19
Silverware: 1 @ $1 each = $1
Cups:  3 @ $1 each =$3
Plates: 1 @ $1 each= $1
Tablecloths: 3 @ $1 each= $3
Napkins: 1 @ $1 each= $1
Streamers 3 @$1 each=$3
Flowers for vases= $42.69---so I returned them, duh!

Total out of pocket cost: $13.19
I think that is a pretty good looking shower for under $15!!

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  1. Aww! This is so adorable. I can’t believe I am also going to be a mother next month. My friends threw a great party for me last week in one of the home studios NYC. I will definitely share some pictures with you. It was lovely looking at this post.