Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Abbe's Baby Shower- Cute as a Button

Last week I showed you maternity picures for my friend Abbe. This week I am showing you the baby shower. Her baby girl was due at the end of August.
I was in charge of the decorations and table ware. Oh.. and the cupcakes of course!

We decided on a ‘Cute as a button’ theme. All the normal pastel baby colors.
I bought everything else at the dollar store. NO Judging! I can do a cute party from the dollar store. I’m sure I would make my grandparents proud! For the record.. I did not buy her gift at the dollar store ;) But I will be doing another post on that later.

Total Cost:
Mason Jars: 12 @ $1 each= $12
Ribbon for Mason Jars: 3 colors @ $1 each =$3
Burlap: On hand=free
Printables from Savory Sweet Designs: $12
Silverware: 2 @ $1 each = $2
Basket for silverware display =$1
Cups:  3 @ $1 each =$3
Plates: 2 @ $1 each= $2
Tablecloths: 7 @ $1 each= $7
Napkins: 3 @ $1 each= $3
Curling ribbon for Napkins: $1
Flowers for vases= Queen Anne's Lace= Free!
Scrapbook paper for buttons from Hobby Lobby=$3.20
Streamers 3 @$1 each=$3
 2- 5x7 photo frames from Target = $5.38
Cupcake mix 2 @ $1 each= $2
Maternity photos printed at Wal-Mart= $3.50
Autograph Frame- clearance at Target: $2.68
Pens from Big Lots: $1.50
Total= $65.00  ish
Whew! Note that this doesn't include the cost of the butter, sugar, vanilla, food coloring, cupcake liners, tape, string and other supplies that I had on hand.

And I will be able to use the printables, mason jars, pens, photo frames and leftover streamers for future projects. So if you take out the cost of those, the cost is super cheap!

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  1. So cute! I'm not having another baby anytime soon, but these are such cute decorations, I'll have to remember them the next time one of my friends has a baby.
    Not even, I would totally decorate my craft room with the burlap and buttons. So cute!
    Very inspiring!