Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Brunch

I can't believe Mother's Day is almost here, again! Here are some pictures of the Mother's Day brunch I hosted at my house last year. I hosted my parents and sisters as well as my in-laws. (Don't think my brother or sister-in-law were there) but I have a really bad memory. Of course I remembered to take pictures of the food, but I forgot to take pictures with my mom. Der! This year, though!

For the frames I printed the printables from Hostess with the Mostess. There was also a little pennant banner that I hung in the living room. I think they are so cute, and they matched perfectly!

For brunch we had a veggie tray, scotcharoos, perfect brownie bites
in the back you see our little fruit pizzas. I made them using sugar saucers, dairy delicious dip and cut up fruit. My sisters helped me assemble those before people started to arrive

Everything else was made ahead of time and all I had to do was set it out!

These are so adorable and so delicious!

My MIL brought her famous ham salad on croissants. That stuff is the best. I guess the secret is to make it with bologna instead of ham. Who knew?

I made mini bacon and broccoli quiche by putting them in a muffin pan. They were a hit!

And I also made banana scones.. I left the glaze on the stove so it would stay warm, but they were also delicious. I made the batter ahead of time and froze them. All I had to do was pop them in the oven in the morning!

All in all it was a great day with lots of food! I'm not sure what we are doing this year for Mother's Day. My sister is graduating from medical school the day before so it will probably be low key. What are your plans?

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