Monday, February 13, 2012

Nobody's Perfect {Monday Me}

It’s no secret that nobody’s perfect, but for some reason we all think that we need to be. I’m guilty of it myself of course. I think I need to keep my house perfectly clean, be a good mom, be a good wife, be a good cook/baker, be skinny, be pretty, be creative. There are so many people around us (or at least me) that continually make me feel like I am not good enough, I'm not strong enough, etc.  It’s all too much. Frankly, I just don’t have the time to deal with it all. Here is how my days usually play out:

6:00 AM- get up and get ready for work
7:00 AM- leave for work
8:00-5:00 PM- work. Boo.
5:45- get home work, play with Caroline while DH gets dinner ready
6:15-6:45- eat dinner
6:45-7:15- do the dishes, clean the kitchen
7:15-7:45- give Caroline a bath and get her jammies on
7:45-8:30- read books, rock, put Caroline to bed
8:30 and on- take a shower, make my lunch, do whatever needs to be done to walk out the door the next day AND find a way to do homework, scrapbook, edit photos, craft. I usually end up in bed somewhere between 10:30 and 11:30.

And you wondered why I was a crazy person!! Remember when I said I usually end up taking a nap? Now you know why. It’s no wonder that the weekends are my favorite time (and pretty much everyone elses). It’s the only time I have to do anything that I WANT to do not just things that I HAVE to do. When I was in middle or high school we did this musical at my church called Livin' on the Edge. It's about a bunch of high school students, so fittingly, there is a song called  'Monday all over again.' I think of it every Sunday night or Monday. It goes like this: "It's Monday all over again, and it feels like the week is never gonna end. It hits me every seven days without warning. It keeps me praying for Saturday morning. It's Monday.."

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