Monday, February 6, 2012

My Christmas Gift {Monday Me}

I realize that Christmas is now a distant memory for most people, but this year I got an awesome gift (well more than one, but this one won the present of the year award). You may know that DH and I have purchased several rental properties. Since I bake so much now, DH thought that we could trade in our cheapo oven for the Cadillac version. The old oven will be put into one of the rentals. It seemed our oven cooked about 30 degrees under temperature and did a good job of also heating our house. It was to the point that we would avoided turning it on in the summer if at all possible. We started shopping around for Christmas sales and found a great deal on this double oven from Home Depot. We don’t shop at Home Depot and we don’t have any way to transport an oven, so we price matched it at our local home improvement store, Lowe’s, where we spent most of our income. It has two ovens, 5 burners, convection and a host of other features that I probably don’t even know about. The best part about it is that it heats up really quickly and doesn’t heat up the house. We have to store our pans in the bottom part of the oven, but when the upper oven is on, the pans in the bottom oven don’t even get warm! I really love it. I admit I haven’t used both the upper and bottom ovens at the same time yet, but I am planning on baking some chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes this weekend, so I see myself taking advantage of this opportunity.

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