Monday, June 23, 2014

Free Samples, anyone?

So I've officially missed 2 Mondays of showing our new house. I'll try to do better. In exchange, I have some free samples to share with you today. If you know anything about me, you know that I am literally the cheapest person on the planet. So if someone offers something for free, you know I will take it.
Samples are great to have on hand. I keep them for guests or to use in my travel case. Depends on the sample though. Obviously I don't travel with dishwasher detergent ;)

Offers like did require your e-mail and physical address. If you don't want to start getting junk emails then you can create and alternate email address to filter these types of requests to.
For a free sample of Biolage Matrix, click here.

For a free sample of Finish Power & Free click here

For a free sample of L'Oreal Paris click here
You will put in some information about your hair type and they will send you the best one for your hair.

For a free Sample of Garnier Clean + click here
You will choose one of the items shown above.

Happy Sampling!

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