Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow day {my photography}

Unless you have been living under a rock it's likely that most of your news lately has been about the Polar Vortex and the snowpocalypse. After getting 6 inches of snow last Wednesday, we got another FOOT on Sunday. Needless to say most of the state of Indiana was shut down for the better part of Sunday and Monday. When the snow started falling the temperatures were pretty tolerable so Caroline and I went out to enjoy it. Caroline always wants to go out and play in the snow, and we knew the temperatures the following couple of days were not going to allow us to be outdoors. We were only out for a little while, but Caroline has so much fun!

 Caroline loved eating the snow

 And throwing my face!

 It was snowing so hard, she had to close her eyes while making her snow angel.

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