Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here's a look back at my crafting adventures..
**Warning, I should have edited these pictures before posting..**

Some how I managaed to take a small dive into the world of notecards. I don't really know how this happened, but I think it started with the desire to make more personal homemade gifts. Above is a picture of the first notecards I made as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago for my aunt..

Then I played around some

Last Christmas I made these (below)...they are my favorite so far, but I have seen lots of new designs that I am interested in trying too. I just like to keep it simple. I don't like a lot on the front, but just enough to make it stand out.

I just love personalized notecards. I think they add a nice touch of personality with a note. People don't write letters as much anymore so when they do, they should be special!

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