Monday, June 11, 2012

Reminiscing {Monday Me}

Two weeks ago I told you about going to my cousin’s wedding. Going to a wedding when you are married is a lot different than going to a wedding when you are single. When you are single you are collecting ideas and taking notes so when you meet your prince charming you can use those details to make your wedding day perfect. When you are already married, you do two things: 1) compare your wedding to theirs (how yours was so much better, of course) and 2) reminisce about your own love story.

It’s nice to have things like this written down so I thought I would share how D and I met. I have a terrible memory now, so I can’t imagine trying to remember this stuff when I am 80. Maybe one day if I get really adventurous I will do a post about our wedding, but our pictures were so terrible I am embarrassed to show you.

Here goes:

When I decided to attend Anderson University, several people from my home church who had spent time in Anderson told me that I should attend Bethany Christian Church. So I did. There was a college age/young adult Bible study on Sunday nights that kicked off at the end of September and that is where D and I met. I don’t remember the first time that I saw him, so I can’t say that it was love at first sight, but after a few weeks I noticed that he wore the same sweatshirt to Bible Study every week. I made a comment to him about wearing the same sweatshirt and so he kept wearing it because he knew he was getting my attention. I was reminded of this again last Tuesday night. One of the presenters in my Master’s class read this article about how children view the meaning of love. My jaw dropped when she read this:

OMG! I guess I am not the only one. And that was how it all began… We started bumping into each other on campus and emailing back and forth. Our first date was on Veteran’s Day 2004. We went to see The Polar Express. It was a Thursday night and I don’t think the movie even started until 10PM. Needless to say, we were the only ones in the theatre that night. I was in the habit of bringing carrots with me to the movies instead of eating popcorn. I really love carrots, but this gave D the impression that I was a health freak..Haha. Just one of my quirks I guess. When I went home for Thanksgiving two weeks later, I told my little brother and sister that I was going to marry him. It happened that fast.

And the rest they say…is history.
Early December 2004

How did you meet the love of your life? Was it love at first sight?

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