Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Recap {Monday Me}

This weekend was marked most notably by my cousin Jake's wedding. I tried not to get too trigger happy, but here is a picture of the lovely couple that I stole from facebook:
Congrats Jake and Paige!

Can you believe D and I have have been married for almost 6 years? That seems crazy to me. It still seems weird to see Mrs. in front of my name.
Let's not even talk about the fact that Jake (my cousin) is the same age as my sister.

While we were there, we had breakfast with the whole fam. We only get to see them once or twice a year. I decided to take some pictures of their mugs and post them here for all to see =)

This is Caroline's cousin Addison. I think she is really cute!
And here is Addie with Maggie. Too bad Caroline's name doesn't end in -ie. Then we could all be really confused =)
Sunday it was really hot so we went swimming. Caroline and D had lots of fun playing in the water. Caroline even learned how to splash! Well...maybe she already knew how..

Gosh, my kid is so cute--even if she doesn't look like me.

Today we stayed home and napped. Sorry no pictures for
We had a great Memorial Day weekend. How did you celebrate?

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