Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh, Baby! {Monday Me}

I know you all just clicked over here because you think that I am going to announce that I am pregnant. Well sorry, I’m not. I wish I was, but as I stated in 12 Goals for 2012, DH is just not on board with it yet. I started to think that maybe I had won anyway when I was recently 10 days late. I got all my hopes up despite the fact that there have been no accidents in 4 years. I had 4 negative pregnancy tests and the days kept dragging on. I was still holding out hope. In the end, my body was just playing a cruel joke on me. Thank you mother nature. It was a very long 10 days. And it would have been fine, really, but during that time, two of my friends had their babies and not one, not two but THREE, count them THREE of my friends announced that they are also expecting. Ironically all but one of these people are expecting their second child and had their first very close to the time I had Caroline. That does not even count all the other people that are pregnant (just not newly). So now I am going through the ‘everyone is having a baby but me’ phase again. And well that's not always easy. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY EXCITED for all my preggo and new momma friends. I just feel a little left out, you know? In the meantime I guess I will keep studying for classes and baking yummy goodies.

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