Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Starting out...

As I attempt to start a new venture…I think there are a couple of things that I am going to need…
This Cupcake stand is a must have around the blogging world.
See how it goes from drab:
To fab:

I also recently purchased a 2” scallop punch and a 1 ½” circle punch to make cupcake toppers much faster than I can using the cricut.
I think I would also like to get a 2” circle punch..but I am at the mercy of Hobby Lobby sales and they were just on sale last week and there were no 2” circle punches in stock. Bummer.

Also, despite DH’s protests, I am going to need a printer. I see that there is one at Target this week for $30 and I think I am going to use my birthday money to buy it. There are just too many free printables out there to pass that up!

I think this store front is really yummy. Premade etsy shop

Coordinating business cards and images…love it.

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